The smallest git tutorial you’ll ever need

Let me preface with this: this is over-simplified for someone just getting started with git, who does not have the time to learn all the intricacies of git, and covers the most common workflow I’ve encountered, that is:
- download code from a remote repository
- make changes
- commit and send the changes back
- get the latest from that remote repository

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Multiple targets with iscisitarget (ubuntu 9.04)

After trying for a (long) while to have multiple targets defined on the same host, and having my initiator to see both, the solution what in fact simple: Use different values for the LUN!

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rebuild the journal on an ext3 partition for CentOS 5.3

Heltech does not have it quite right for centos. The options are named slightly differently on newer versions.

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global git shortcuts

Here’s my ~/.gitconfig file for convenient shortcuts. This way, you can use “git st” instead of “git status”…

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closing comments

The spammers won (well not really), after getting tired of deleting spam en masse (by the thousands every other months or so), I decided to close comments on some older posts that happen to have a better page rank than most. If you really need to get to me, please feel free to use the Contact me page

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merb 1.0

merb has reached 1.0. What a tremendous achievement from all all contributors, and Ezra more specifically and Wycats

If you can’t wait, use

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Index your DataMapper Models with Xapian

Still pretty preliminary, but the basics seem to work. dm-xapian is a Merb plugin to index your DataMapper models with Xapian

At this point the details are still sketchy, and you first need to install xapian, then the xapian ruby bindings: Install Xapian and ruby bindings

Then it gets easier:

* build the gem with

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EAN UPC Support

A ruby gem for EAN/UPC/GTIN calculations. Convert and validate code bars.

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ANN: rails-undo-redo

To this day, very few web apps provide any undo/redo capabilities. This is really not such a good thing for usability. There are a few exceptions like gmail, but it does not go far enough to provide what every one is used on their desktop.

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git, submodules and Capistrano

If you use git submodules, as git-rails does, and want to use Capistano, you’ll need to patch patch Capistrano (lib/capistano/recipes/deploy/scm/git.rb) to make sure your submodules get included.

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