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nano Rails to become a 9rules network member!

I’m proud, honored and also quite humbled to report that nano Rails has been selected out of 700 sites submitted to round 4 as one of the new members of the 9rules Nework! Round 4 adds 111 new members.

This is not official yet, but I’m very excited and look forward to becoming one of the newest 9rules member!

A few others I’m reading on a regular basis are also on the list:

I haven’t had a chance to review the 108 others, but if the quality of these 2 is any indication (as I think it is), I’m eager to check out the rest. Just not that easy to do while away from home.

6/05 update: Tyme has a clickable list.

  1. It’s really exciting and I’m still a little shell shocked. We’re in some seriously good company, Pascal. And that makes me nervous. ;-)

    Hold my hand while we wait for our fateful emails later this week? hee hee

  2. Indeed, we are in very impressive company. And it is interesting the range of feelings you can have.
    I think the best we can do is take a deep breath (as often as necessary), and keep doing what we’ve been doing so far, and I’m convinced everything we’ll be just fine.
    Ok, maybe from time to time you can jump, scream, or whatever takes the pressure off…

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