textmate rails cheat sheets

I’m just discovering TextMate and I have to say I’m impressed! For those of you who don’t know me, it takes quite a bit for me to admit that I’m impressed.

Over the years, I’ve used quite a few editors, and I happen to think that vi is one the greatest. Hmmm, I can see some eyebrows perking up, and most of you starting to think that I’m weird, either because you’ve never heard of vi, or because you’ve learned to hate it. But I like it because it is dead simple (once you are over the initial learning curve), has powerful regexp, and gets the job done. And once you’ve learned it, that is the kind of thing you don’t forget. I’ve liked emacs at some point, but it is way too heavy, and after a few years of not using it, you’ve got to learn it all over again, but I digress…

Back to TextMate. I’ve not used it much yet, but I love the concepts. Lots of keyboard action (the mouse is great, but going back and forth between mouse and keyboard can be a drag (pun intended!)). And it has very powerful macros that look easy to customize. Give me more!

So I went out I looked for quick ways to get started. I found a couple of interesting cheat sheet that I’d like to share with you. If you know of any other, please let me know!

The first rails textmate cheat sheet is by Sebastien Friedrich and documents the snippets (a.k.a. tab triggers) from the TexMate Rails Bundle (by syncPEOPLE. (via O’Reilly Ruby)

The second is TextMate Cheat Sheet for Rails Hackers is provided by Pragmatic Studio and includes some of the same information, plus some more general textmate shortcuts useful with Rails (via Tim Kuntz).

The third is TEXTMATE cheat sheet and is a more general purpose guide to the shortcuts of TextMate. (via macromates).

And while I’m on the subject of Cheat Sheet, here are 2 bonus rails and ruby Cheat Sheets:

With all 5, you should be all set!

Rails 1.1 Reference sheet

Courtesy of InVisible, here is an exhaustive Ruby on Rails 1.1 Cheat Sheet. I’ve added a copy of it here so I know where to find it: Rails 1.1 Cheat Sheet. There is also a PDF version available.

It covers everything from the basics, generators, scaffolds, models, controllers, views (including AJAX), and configuration.

Check it out!