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Release 0.1 of BookmarkIt! Plugin for Typo

First release (0.1) of BookmarkIt! for typo. Check back for new releases here on

BookmarkIt! is a sidebar plugin for typo. With it, you can let people directly bookmark your blog, or an article dependending on the context. Try it for yourself on the right side of this page.

uncompress into a temporaty location and move the components and public directory onto your typo installation. On all OS I know, this will add the files in the right location. Then next time you go in the Sidebar section of Typo, you will be able to drag and drop the BookmarkIt! Item onto your Active items. Set the desired title and select the desired services, and then Publish your changes

Tested with typo revision 884. Should work with Typo 2.6.

Not all bookmarking services have been tested yet. I believe that the pages where I got the format for the links to be accurate, but I transcription could be flowed. Only the ones I had an account with. Post a comment on if something doesn’t work.

Download the zip or the tgz file.

  1. Looks like the URL is not computed correctly when running with fastcgi. Works fine witb WEBrick :(

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