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Take back the web

Today was not a good day for the internet. First I read Seth’s post, then Kathy’s sad and upsetting story directly. Then countless others

This is just plain and simple not acceptable behavior. Period.

Brad nails it when he says:

Kathy’s story sealed it for me – reputation and trust are at a tipping point and are an issue that is going to have to be dealt with in 2007.

I agree.

And before someone mentions it, no, censorship is not the solution here.

Seth once said:

Have you ever noticed that people you know are far less likely to cut you off in traffic, curse at you, or steal your parking space than treal strangers seem to be? There’s a reason: Anonymity is the enemy of civility.

(From Small is the new Big)

Maybe it’s time we bring civility back, don’t you think?

Kathy, hang in there! We are here to help.

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