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Dreamhost codes

I’ve had my ups and downs with Dreamhost and I’m now running nano RAILS on a kick ass VPS with gentoo.

But for a starter ruby site (nano RAILS was hosted there for over a year!), it is hard to beat their price, and they do run quite nicely with fcgi. If you want to run multiple apps, using mongrel, then sure it is not for you.

I’m also running lots of wordpress blogs (Home Recipes and Why not create a Side Business) and I’m happy with the no hassle way to get them setup and how smoothly they run.

Any way, to make a long story short, Dreamhost has finally decided to update the way you create codes for their Coupons.

So if you want to get started with a pretty good host, and need a new domain name, you can get that domain for free for the life of your account by using the code NANODOMAIN (plus you get the max $50 off, which is a nice chunk of change).

Or if you already have a domain, but want a unique IP, you can use NANOIP (and you also get $50 off).

Or you can take advantage of that last week to get $97 off with NANO97.


  1. Now that the new dreamhost coupon codes are in effect, here’s a new one: NANO50 (Gives you the max $50 off when you signup).

    NANODOMAIN ($50 off and a free domain for the life of your account) and NANOIP ($50 off and a free static ip address) are still valid.

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