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closing comments

The spammers won (well not really), after getting tired of deleting spam en masse (by the thousands every other months or so), I decided to close comments on some older posts that happen to have a better page rank than most. If you really need to get to me, please feel free to use the Contact me page

Even though I’ve been considering this for a while, this was in part prompted by Jesper of Just add water

His comment policy is simple:

In the future we will probably mark all of the above comment types as spam. Yes, some of the comments actually add value, but most of the comments actually are just made to improve ranking.

We will continue to manually approve the comments we mean will add value.

We will continue to hold comments for manual moderation. (so if your valid comment does not show up within a few hours, please contact us).

Actually, mine is even simpler.

– you must pass the Akismet test.

– you must pass my own test: I review anything Akismet approves and will delete anything that looks, sounds or smells like spam. So even if your comment gets approved initially, I reserve the right to remove it. If that sounds arbitrary, so be it. Although I believe I have been quite fair in the past and will continue to be.

Disagree? Send me your feedback

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