If you have a Mac, or want one, then you should surely take a look at the $49 bundle MacHeist has put together. An amazing value, with lots of cool apps. Plus 25% of your purchase goes to charities.
It’s like getting 1password, CoverSutra (truly cool), and Snapz Pro for half the price, and getting all other 11 Mac Applications for free. Check it out (via Obie Fernandez)

Update: I had the link wrong (using https), and you could not see the apps. Fixed. Also forgot to mention you also get CSSEdit. And possibly VectorDesigner if they reach the $300,000 donation level.

Removing the quarantine attribute on your application

With Apple latest OS, Leopard (Which I recommend highly), comes an interesting new feature (well, at least it is cute for a while, but it can get to you after a while). For annoying, try Vista

When you try to run an application you downloaded and get this message every time you try to start an application

"..." is an application which was downloaded from the internet...

There is an easy solution.

Check first tha it has the “” Attribute.

xattr -l

which may give you something like: 0000;4726d129;Safari;5FF2A3CB-B74C-405A-BF92-AD14858A6F5A|

If it does, remove it using:

sudo xattr -d

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