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Take back the web

Today was not a good day for the internet. First I read Seth’s post, then Kathy’s sad and upsetting story directly. Then countless others

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Brace for impact!

Tomorrow might prove to be interesting! So fasten your seatbelts…

Paul Hirsch, a moderator on got wind that hacker Billy Hoffman with SPI Dynamics is going to do a talk tomorrow at Schmoo titled: “Javascript Malware for a Gray Goo Tomorrow”.

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Charlie Rose talks with Bill Gates

56 minutes, not one boring moment! Charming, insightful, fascinating, I’m just so impressed by those 2…

And I’m glad I took the time to watch them and so should you if you didn’t already

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Out with Dream Host, in with Rails Playground

Well, well, well, almost a year after signing up with Dream Host, after going through many turbulent times, trying to fix things up myself, and again, surviving an unannounced, and not so welcome upgrade, after hoping for mongrel support, it really came down to a severe case of overselling. Performance had become abysmal, database connections hard to come by, site was down for longer and longer periods of time. Sometimes several hours without much I could do to revive it.

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Want to join 9rules?

Here’s your chance. Starting at 9pm Eastern time (that’s in 90 minutes), you have 24h to submit your blog, so don’t delay!

For more details, read the official announcement.

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Dreamhost router upgraded

DreamHost just completed the replacement of their main router and everything seems to be back to normal, hopefully for good.

If you’ve experienced some bumpy turbulences on this site over the past 4 days, please accept my apologies. This should not happen anymore.

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Rails Documentation Drive

Court3nay from ~:caboose has started a fundraising to be able to pay professional tech writers to beef up the Rails documentation. It is true that it is not advancing quite at the same pace that rails is and Court3nay’s initiative is a worthy one.

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Switching back to MacOS

The main reason for switching back to MacOS is the switch back to Intel. That had been the main inhibitor for a long time. I have a few sotwares that only run on Windows and with Parallels, this looks like it is going to be easy to run them. So for father’s day, I got a shiny new 20” iMac (Thank you!). I have been quite impressed with Apple lately, both from a Design perspective, but also from their overall strategy and execution of that strategy. What a change from that near death experience. The iMac is really a neat machine. The screen quality is outstanding, and the speed is great; I haven’t done any benchmarks, but just judging by how Firefox behaves, that’s pretty impressive.

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nano Rails to become a 9rules network member!

I’m proud, honored and also quite humbled to report that nano Rails has been selected out of 700 sites submitted to round 4 as one of the new members of the 9rules Nework! Round 4 adds 111 new members.

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Can you host a modified GPL software and not release it?

Here’s the question I was faced with today.

If you install a software that is licenced under the GPL license on a server, and let people interact with the software, do you have to make the source available? And furthermore, if you did modify that software, are you obligated to release that software along with the source.

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